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Does your current website need a new layout. Is the old website no longer accessible on a smartphone. Are your visitors and customers complaining about the ease of use of your website? Then it is high time to renew and have your website created in Waregem. Indeed, it can cost you customers if your website cannot be used to its full potential. So play faster on the ball if you want your business to progress on the internet. It is so important these days to be online and bring in customers via that route.

Are you from region Waregem and looking for a new website, webshop or application? Mtea webdesign will build your professional website and help you through the entire process. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

We create websites. But we also do everything that goes with it.

Everything up to date, at all times.

In WordPress, Laravel, Craft CMS…

From product shots to campaigns.

Want to know more about creating a website?

Would you like to know more about having a website professionally created, a customised quote or just a no-obligation chat about the possibilities? Send us a message and we will make an appointment. We are happy to show you websites we have already created and think with you. A successful website is within reach.

Find answers here.

Depending on the size of your website, this may vary. We always try to have a standard website online within three weeks.

Definitely! All you need for this is a device with a browser and an internet connection. Each website is linked to a simple management system, which allows you to customise all content (pages, texts, photos, projects…) to your liking.

We build most of our websites in WordPress, the most widely used CMS in the world. This ensures that your site will last for years, and you enjoy all the benefits that this CMS brings.

If you have a project that requires just a bit more, the technology can be discussed in consultation. We have already built websites and webshops in Magento, Craft, Shopify, React, Laravel,…

We can take over any website, webshop, app. If something is good, we certainly don’t need to rebuild it.

We prefer to ask “What does a website bring in”?

We build the website for a local hair salon with as much enthusiasm as we build the web shop for the Quickstep-Alpha vinyl team.

What is the price to have a website created in {{mpg_stadhl}}?

Have you ever wondered why the price to get a website made varies so much? The cost of a standard website ranges between 550 and 3000 euros on average. This amount can still change, of course. The difference is in the customised design and design of a website, the web hosting and the extra options such as an online shop, social media integrations, video and blog.

Getting a professional website created in {{mpg_stadhl}} does not have to be expensive or complex. Of course, it is very important that all technical requirements are in place to rank high in Google and that your website has a modern look with a nice responsive web design. Your website is your digital business card and thus of enormous importance. We work with transparent prices, which you can find here. Still looking for a customised quote for your project? Then get your quote here.

Have website made in {{mpg_stadhl}}?

At Mtea, we would love to help you get the perfect website that meets all your needs and requirements.

What to look out for when you want a website made in {{mpg_stadhl}}?

As a professional business today, you cannot do without a website. If you are a starter and want to have a website made, there is plenty of choice. Web builders near Waregem abound in all possible price categories. It is therefore not easy to still see the trees through the forest. To get you started anyway, we’d like to give you some tips on what to look out for when getting a website made. Take advantage of it and make a wise decision!

Today, the majority of websites are accessed via smartphones. Today, the majority of websites are accessed via smartphones. So a site you commission today had better be ‘mobile friendly’ or even made to look its best on smartphones and tablets. So be sure to ask your web designer if your site is ‘mobile responsive’ and also review it on all possible sizes of screens before your site effectively goes live. You don’t want to miss out on customers because of a failing website.

The design of your website is one thing if you want to have a website made, but it’s better to consider the texts as well. Make sure these are SEO-optimised, persuasive and present your products and services in the best possible way. You can have a website made that is graphically slick, but if the potential customer does not find the right and attractive info there, you are not going to make much of a difference. Also make sure you have enough call to actions that prompt the visitor to do something. For example, try to get the e-mail address fixed so that you can also contact these visitors afterwards.

So how do you choose a suitable website builder when you want a website made? Engage in the conversation in person, see if you are on the same page and if you feel each other. This often makes working together a whole lot smoother. Of course, it is wise to look at some previous realisations and/or check with existing clients. Having a website created requires quite a bit of time and effort from both parties, so you better be on the same page. Click here for a chat.

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