8 reasons to have your website made by a professional.

In the age of computers and the internet, it is essential to have an online presence with your business. Your website is the linchpin of your modern marketing strategy. Without a website, a company has only a poor chance of becoming big. But there are so many websites in 2019 that people are quite spoiled in that area. It is no longer enough to be present on the internet. A website that doesn’t look attractive and doesn’t work fast enough is simply punished and sent to the bottom of the Google pit. That means you need a website with an attractive, modern design and perfect functionality. So hiring a professional web designer has become very important. Here are eight reasons that demonstrate why having your website created by a professional is your best chance.

1. Good first impression

The first impression is always the most important.  The worst thing that can happen to a website in terms of search engine optimization is the so-called pogo sticking, the phenomenon in which website visitors for some reason do not like your website and click away and then look at your competitor and stick around there. That is guaranteed a ticket to page 2 on Google. Your text SEO may still be so good, if your website does not have an attractive design, people click away and you can say goodbye to your coveted place on Google Search.

If you have your website made by a professional web designer, you have someone with knowledge of the latest trends at your disposal. Someone who keeps an eye on the market and knows what attracts people.

2. Save time and money

Having your website created by a professional will save you a lot of time. A professional web designer is not ready for his test piece and knows what he is doing. He followed courses and training and has tons of experience where he got to know the tricks of the trade. If you have to learn all that yourself first, you will lose a lot of time.

Having a website made also saves you money. The salary of a professional may be a big investment, but in the long run you certainly get that cost out of it. An attractive website attracts more customers, ensures that you rank higher on Google and undoubtedly gives you many financial benefits.

3. Less stress

Did you know that stress produces the hormone cortisol in your body, which in turn causes inflammation? You want to avoid that at all times. Building a website without all the necessary details, on top of starting a business, is a great stress experience.

Say no to stress and consider having your website built by a professional. Contact Mtea and we will do the rest.

4. Unknown, new technologies

The internet is changing daily.  New technologies, new computer codes, new ways to attract visitors to your site … Everything is constantly changing. A professional web designer is aware of that flow of changes. Having your website made by such a person has the added advantage that you have a foothold in that whole world of innovation and progress.

You don’t have to have knowledge of all these new developments in the internet world, that’s the job of your web designer.

5. Creative, unique design

One of the best benefits of having your website created is that you have a unique, creative design for your brand. That design doesn’t happen anywhere else and is made especially for you.

Very often people have an idea in mind, but not the right skills to make that idea a reality. So they make peace with an easier idea, of which there are already thirteen in a dozen. Having a website or webshop made by a professional gives you that nice idea that you had in your head. With the help of a web designer, you don’t have to be satisfied with something that’s barely good enough.

6. Performance of your website

Remember the pogo sticking we discussed under #1, the quickest ticket backwards on Google? One of the biggest causes of pogo sticking is a website that loads slowly. People hate it when they have to wait too long for a website.

Creating a website that has been perfected in terms of performance is an advanced art. There are so many different things to consider, so many features that can slow down a website. As a non-professional, you don’t get all that taught. Having a website made by a professional web designer is also very important for that reason.

7. SEO

Search engine optimization. The big word is out. The fear of every business, the goal of every professional. Many people think that SEO is only about text, but nothing could be further from the truth. SEO is a big picture: text optimization takes care of the visible exterior, but the roots are deeply embedded in web design.

You rarely get to grips with that part without a good knowledge of the subject. If you thought SEO for texts was already complicated, then you haven’t seen SEO for web design yet. If the previous reasons have not yet convinced you to have your website built by a professional, then this is definitely the reason to do so. Find out more about SEO in general here.

8. Starting point for marketing

A good professional website is not just a website. A website symbolizes the company you put into the world, the brand you want to grow up. Your website is your business card and the food on your table. A good web design is also the starting point for your entire marketing campaign. Which customers do you want to attract, which designs fit your brand and what atmosphere do you want to create towards the outside world? That’s where marketing starts.

Professional web designers are aware of this and are also trained in the marketing aspect of web design. Another plus to have your website made.

Convinced? Contact us for an interview and free quote.

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