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The digital world is evolving rapidly and that is no different for Google Analytics. A while ago, the latest update, Google Analytics 4, was released to the world. A big step forward because GA4 provides even better insights into the behavior of your customer behavior and the channels and devices they use. A wealth of info that you can use to boost your business. Why miss that opportunity?

Why make the switch from Google Analytics to GA4?

Change is always a bit difficult. But believe us when we say that switching to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a must. By the way, you can continue to swear by familiar recipes, but Google will simply force you to make the switch on July 1, 2023. So you better anticipate the forced switch.

Google Analytics has had its best time and there is a good reason for this: the changed visitor behavior and the fact that the focus is increasingly on the right to privacy. Traditionally, Google measures everything through sessions that are linked to user data. In many cases this works well, but with apps and one-pagers this way of measuring falls short. If you start analyzing, you often miss the complete picture. With GA4, this problem is a thing of the past. But there are many more new features and benefits provided.

The benefits and new features of GA4

There are many advantages to Google Analytics 4. We list the most important ones for you:

  • GA4 is a lot more scalable, so the system easily grows with your company. You collect the data from your app and website in one location.
  • The privacy protection is a lot higher.
  • GA4 features powerful machine learning. This makes it possible to proactively come up with tailor-made improvements. GA4 responds to tracking prevention and still provides reliable data.
  • Cross-device tracking becomes a lot easier. The emphasis is on interactions/events.
  • Better integration with other tools.

What are the new features of GA4?

GA4 is packed with new features. We list them for you.

  • Data streams
    Data from multiple sites and apps can easily be grouped in GA4.
  • Reports
    The reports evolve more into a dashboard that you can set up to measure. Graphs and visualizations make it manageable.
  • Insight tool
    Enjoy enhanced automatic insights and predictions. Machine learning allows you to quickly optimize your conversions.
  • Explore
    The tool to specifically analyze user journeys and map funnels. A clear overview of the various actions taken to achieve a result.
  • Events
    Many events such as clicking on links, downloads, … can be made measurable in the interface. Google Tag Manager is then no longer necessary.
  • Audiences
    Audiences are generated based on machine learning. They can also be analyzed more easily and used for campaigns.

When to switch to GA4?

By 1 July 2023 at the latest, you must switch to GA4. We advise you not to wait that long and to prepare the switch well and make it on time. Previously processed data by Universal Analytics will be retained for another 6 months.

Want to make the switch to GA4 yourself?

Can you make the switch to GA4 yourself? Everything is possible, but that does not mean that it is the optimal way of working. On the internet there are a lot of basic step-by-step plans that you can apply to make the switch. First, you need to create a Google Analytics 4 property and then configure it. A Setup Assistant can help you with the basic settings. Mind you, properly configuring GA4 is not only important, it also takes quite a bit of time. The basics are often not enough to analyze the data you really need.

Leave the setup of GA4 to a specialist

At Mtea we have been at home in Google Analytics for years. Over the years we have followed the evolutions and we know the platform from needle to thread. It goes without saying that we have also studied GA4 in the meantime. As an experienced specialist, we master the new features, we can set up GA4 for your websites and apps and configure them completely customized. This way we perfectly measure what you need and attach importance to. While you focus on your core business, we ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition to GA4, so that you get better insights. If desired, we will provide you with reports on a regular basis, but we can just as well familiarize you with the system ourselves. Of course, we also closely follow all new developments and implement the best practices.

Make an appointment

Do you want to know what GA4 can do for your company, do you want to anticipate in time and/or experience the added value? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Make an appointment without obligation and we will see together whether a collaboration is desirable.

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