What to look for if you want to let someone create a website?

A professional company today cannot do without a website. If you are a starter and want to have a website made, then there is plenty of choice. Web builders in all possible price categories. It is therefore not easy to see the trees through the forest. To help you on your way, we would like to give you some tips that you should pay attention to when you have a website made. Take advantage of it and make a wise decision.

Tip 1: Make sure your website comes into its own on all screens

Today, the majority of websites are consulted via a smartphone. So you better take that into account. A site that you have made today is ideally mobile friendly or even made to come into its own on smartphones and tablets. So be sure to check with your web designer if your site is mobile responsive and view your site before it actually goes live on all possible screen sizes. You don’t want to miss customers because of a website that fails.

Tip 2: Know what you want to put on your website

The design is one thing when you have a website made, but you should also take the texts into account. Make sure they are SEO-optimized, convince and optimally present your products and services. You can have a website made that is graphically slick, but if the potential customer does not find the right and attractive information, you will not break many pots. Also make sure you have enough call to actions that encourage the visitor to do something. For example, try to get their e-mail address, so that you can still approach those visitors afterwards.

Tip 3: Good design does not stand out

A site must function quickly, smoothly and naturally. You don’t need a special website at all. Be sure to keep that in mind if you’re about to have a website created. With a successful website, the design does not stand out and is in service of the user experience. All parts and important information must be easily accessible and the buttons must be in an obvious place. People who have to search for information quickly drop out.

Tip 4: Choose a partner that you have some feeling with

How do you choose a suitable web builder if you want to have a website made? Start the conversation in person, see if you are on the same page and if you feel each other. That often makes working together a lot smoother. It is always a good idea to take a look at some previous realizations and/or to inquire with existing customers. Having a website made requires quite a bit of time and effort from both parties, so you better be on the same wavelength.

Tip 5: Optimize your website for Google

Honestly, you don’t exist without a website. So choose a party whose sites are also easily found in Google. Well-written SEO web texts contribute to this, but there is also a technical aspect. A good web builder ensures a fast website, with a minimum loading time, which is technically well put together. This way you score higher in Google and that is certainly something to take into account when building your website. You also save some money on the price of Google Ads.

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Tip 6: Choose an easy-to-manage CMS

There are quite a few CMS systems, of which WordPress is one of the better known. A smooth CMS system allows the user to make some small adjustments himself. Just think of replacing a photo or posting a blog. A smooth CMS system like WordPress is easy to learn, so you don’t always need the web builder. Moreover, you can optimize it for Google through plugins.

Would you like to have a website made for yourself?

Are you ready for a first or new website? Do you want some advice and/or an affordable tailor-made website? Then be sure to come and have a chat. Mtea has already helped many customers to create a high-performance website. We think along with you, draw the website you need and ensure that your company is in the spotlight

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